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  • Piping outside your venue as your guests arrive
    A fantastic way to really tell people that today is a special day, and welcome your friends and family into your day in fashion.
  • Piping up the aisle
    The procession up the aisle is arguably one of the most memorable parts of your wedding, so pairing it up with the bagpipes can really make it stick. Not because it's loud, but because the pipes are a beautiful addition to something already so special.
  • Piping during your register signing
    So your signing your marital documents, in silence!? Eh, awkward...
  • Piping you back up the aisle
    Let's get everyone on their feet clapping and cheering as you are officially announced as a married couple for the first time ever. Well, in most cases... Feel the blood rush to your cheeks as I pipe you away from the alter and into picture time!
  • Drinks reception entertainment
    Not had enough of the bagpipes? Great! I can play during your drinks reception in lots of 20 minutes to keep it interesting. I can of course play for longer than 20 minutes during your drinks reception however, I do reccomend that it is kept to 20 minutes to keep things interesting. This also allows the photographer to heard your guests into groups for photos.
  • Piping you to the top table
    The ultimate entrance to your first meal together with that band around your fingers so let's get everyone up clapping and cheering one last time. No need for a piper's toast here! If you would like to stay traditional, then let me know and we can do a pipers toast. However, I usually pipe you to the top table, say thank you to you and your guests, and then pipe myself back out. This is a good personal method I think which still encompasses the traditional aspect but it takes pressure off of you having to prepare something for the toast. You gift to me is the honour to play at your wedding.

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